Hunter Safety Lab was founded by two hunters and product designers from New Zealand who were sick of hearing stories of hunters shot dead by their hunting buddies and wondered; ‘what can we do to prevent these horrific accidents?’.

After spending several years researching the issues, they came to a surprising conclusion; any hunter—no matter how safety-conscious or careful they strive to be—has the potential to cause a hunting accident.

We hear from lots of hunters who worry about being shot by ‘the other idiots out there’ but statistically, by far the greatest threat comes from the person you’re hunting with, not a stranger.

Because we’ve learned that no amount of training, education or experience can prevent unconscious human error, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating world-leading products to stop these errors resulting in death and heartache.

Our vision is a world where hunters can enjoy the freedom and thrill of the hunt without risk of being mistakenly shot.