Hunter Safety Lab develops pedestrian detection technology to protect workers at risk of being struck by mobile plant or thrown objects — from bulldozers to bullets.

Hunter Safety Lab specialises in designing optical sensors that detect the reflective strip on high visibility safety vests and apparel.

High-vis clothing makes ground personnel more visible, but it can’t prevent deaths and injuries when a machine operator can’t see the worker. Hunter Safety Lab’s IRIS sensors detect when someone is in the machine’s blind-spot, and alerts the driver.

Every day, people are killed or injured on worksites and other potentially dangerous occupational situations. Regulators have been sharpening their teeth and industries are waking up to the need for smarter, safer workplaces. Accordingly, safety has become a top priority for all employers.

Hunter Safety Lab uses optical sensors mounted on mobile plant to detect the high-visibility safety-vests worn by ground-personnel in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Container ports
  • Material handling and logistics
  • Agriculture and forestry


Hunter Safety Lab developed the world’s first IRIS Hunter Detection System to prevent mistaken-for-game hunting accidents. Visit the IRIS website for more information.

Our mission is to use our unique technology to protect lives. We make the world a safer place.

IRIS sensors can detect standard class-II high visibility safety vests.

IRIS hunter detection sensor.

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