"Since the tragic death of a really close mate I have been using the IRIS system on all my hunts. For me using the IRIS is another layer of safety and a step towards stopping these deaths."

Justin Leov
Pro Mountain Biker

"The IRIS system works beautifully and does exactly what it is designed to do in a very simple, lightweight and straightforward way that is a credit to its designers."

Dave Benfell
Editor - NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine

"Very compact and beautifully made... in the field the IRIS system worked very well and did exactly what it was designed to do."

Simon Gibson
Editor - Rod & Rifle Magazine

"As the different blaze options aren’t stopping the accidents, I decided on the IRIS system from Hunter Safety Lab to pay my friends and family the respect they deserve...When my sons bring a friend along, their mum knows the importance of safety on the trip."

Rodney Carr
New Zealand

"I have a child that has been mentor hunting ever since the program came out... I know how excited the kids get, and I would definitely buy one for him and myself."

Diana Wilson

"As a father of four I think this is a great idea and will go far as a hunter safety and education tool. I can tell you that I am excited for this technology. My sons that hunt are 14 and 13 years old. This technology would definitely put me a little more at ease."

Father of 4

"I hunt in large groups participating in drives, and this is a concern of mine especially knowing there are unexperienced hunters involved! Thank you for taking steps toward making our sport safer!!!"

Josh Mitchell

"I think this is a fantastic idea, and would not hesitate to purchase this device for my own protection, and for the safety and protection of those around me when I am hunting. I would also consider buying this as a gift for family and friends who are hunters."


"Is working brilliantly in the fog, snow and freezing weather down here. Can’t say the same for my fingers or aim! ... It’s such a great product."

Graham Scown
New Zealand

"5 star excellent concept & product. I was a skeptic at first but when I saw the demonstration I was sold. IRIS will save lives."

Jay Everett
Hunter Safety System, Alabama

"Hi, I am truly impressed with your product and I believe it is perfect for the New Zealand hunter... it is cheap at twice the price in terms of how much value you put on a life."

Stuart Hill
New Zealand

"I’m a Hunter Safety Instructor for New York State. The whole package is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I know there is some hunters in my area that wish they had something like this."

Ronnie Watson
Hunter Safety Instructor, New York


IRIS is not a target identification aid. No technology in the world (IRIS included) can reliably differentiate between a human and an animal. The IRIS sensor can give a warning if it detects IRIS reflective material on the target, but it cannot indicate whether it is safe to fire or not. The decision whether to pull the trigger remains YOUR responsibility. IRIS provides an additional layer of protection in situations where traditional safety measures have already failed, but it does not and can not replace safe hunting practice. Hunters must always identify the target beyond doubt BEFORE aiming their gun.